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What's Special About the HFNC Machine?

During the COVID-19, HFNC machine was regarded as the "hero" of the treatment, successfully curing the lives of countless patients, and was widely used medical equipment.

Ⅰ. The use of HFNC machines for patients infected with the novel coronavirus

The high-flow nasal cannula machine has been widely used in clinical practice in recent years as a new respiratory support device. The treatment device mainly focuses on providing patients with relatively constant high-flow gas with relatively constant oxygen concentration, temperature and humidity, and oxygen therapy through nasal with comfort.

The HFNC machine can generate a certain level of positive end-expiratory pressure by inhaling high-flow gas, flush the physiological dead space of the upper respiratory tract, maintain the function of the mucociliary removal system and reduce the patient's upper airway resistance and work of breathing, improve the patient's ventilation and partial ventilation, and has a positive therapeutic effect on patients with simple hypoxic respiratory failure (type Ⅰ respiratory failure).

In 2020, the COVID-19 was widespread. It erodes patients' lungs and destroys the patient's respiratory system. In severe cases, it can cause multiple organ failures. The HFNC machine can treat breathing difficulties caused by COVID-19. It can also be used for patients with mild to moderate hypoxemia, no indication for emergency tracheal intubation, relatively stable vital signs, patients with acute respiratory distress syndrome, patients with invasive ventilation and weaning, after surgery, type Ⅰ respiratory failure, etc.

Ⅱ. The advantages of HFNC machines

1. Compared with the non-invasive breathing machine mask's oxygen ventilation, the nasal high-flow oxygen supply is more successful than the mask oxygen therapy.

2. HFNC machine can improve comfort and tolerance of patients, improve oxygenation, and reduce hypoxemia.

3. The HFNC machine has a small nasal tube and loose fit to avoid pressure sores on the face and nasal alar caused by tight mask wearing. Gas heating and humidification can promote the discharge of sputum.

4. Patients can eat, drink, talk, communicate and sleep.

The HFNC machine is widely used in clinical practice as a new respiratory support technology device. It has a positive therapeutic effect on patients with mild to moderate hypoxic respiratory failure, which can relieve symptoms, improve quality of life, and reduce hospitalization costs, worthy of clinical promotion.

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